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Hi, I'm Akwuiwu Onyemauchechukwu.

I know, it's a long name. You can call me Onyema. Before i show you how your brand visuals can make your customers feel some-type of way. You are probably wondering if i'm worth your time and the answer might be no.


Here's why:

You don't value design 

You don't believe it has any meaningful impact on your business. and you want to do it for the sake of doing it.

You don't believe this is an investment.

You believe you should not spend money on this. You also believe this should be cheap.



If you don't trust me then you shouldn't work with me.

You don't value my expertise and you will refuse to go through my process.

You must be wondering if i will be able to give you the brand visuals you have always wanted, one that's a representation of who you are and your customers will love? Here's how i do it:


This is where i ask questions that make you see the bigger picture and trigger you into giving me a visual direction even if you did not know what you wanted prior to our discussion.


I use the insights from our discovery sessions to come up with curated mood boards. I'm trying to figure out if my visual interpretation is in alignment with what you are looking for. 


Elements from the stylescapes presented will be used to come up with at least three designs for you to choose from. 

If you made it this far, it's time to show you what your brand visuals can do. 

If you were looking for a secure paypal alternative and you saw these two, which one would you choose? I'm guessing you would choose the one on the left. You trust it more than the other one because it looks better. It's sharp edges, and symmetry create a sense of stability and the colours have this optimistic feel to it. Communicating these feelings influenced the design decisions.

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