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Examples of tech brand positioning

Examples of tech brand positioning

When you run a flat tire, or have a plumbing issue there is just one handyman that you call despite having access to the contacts of so many other handymen in the area, some even closer to you than your preferred man.

And just in case you haven’t gotten the picture yet, i’ll help you paint it.

In every one of these scenarios, whichever person or brand came to your mind first, did so by its strategic brand positioning.

They have somehow made you place them as the top solution providers for that need that you have. it shows how well they have positioned themselves in the market.

They have used clever brand positioning strategies that have become almost second nature to them to position effectively on the market

Their brand positioning process slowly finds its way into the hearts of their target audience and cements authority as the number one solution to that pressing need.

It is why two brands can have the same offering but different conversion rates.

The brand with higher conversions carried out in-depth research on how their markets reacted to the product or service they were offering.

They studied what others were not doing right and capitalized on doing better in that area.

Simply put, any brand that stands out from the crowd has found a way to draw in its target audience.

Brand positioning goes beyond a physical connection, it is an emotional one that acts as a trigger button that sets off in the mind of its target once a need for the service or product arises.

How do i position my brand to stay top of mind?

If this question has been on your mind for a while now, Here are a couple of things you can do:

First, you need to understand that there are different checks/ standards by which the effectiveness of your brand can be measured. You will need to sit with your team and choose what your brand positioning KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) will be.

These indicators could be, the number of users you gain monthly, website click-throughs, or even profit margin per quarter. In positioning rightly for your audience, you will need to step out of creator mode and connect to the wavelength of your audience's minds. Only then can you tap into what they feel and how they perceive the market. Figure out what is most important to them and repeatedly show them that you can give them what they are looking for.

One way to figure out what your target audience want’s is to check your reviews in the apple or google play store and also the complaints you receive the most. If you are new, you can use that of your competitors.

As a tech brand, do keep in mind that people aren’t buying into just the tech solutions you offer, they are buying into the feelings that your solution will give them. Meaning you have to play the long-term game.

Product specifications and features will always be overlooked In the place of product benefits which is why in your positioning statement, your company’s unfair advantage in the market should be brought into focus.

It might be how you solve a problem in less time or how your process board is easier to navigate.

Anyway, your main focus should be on highlighting that one benefit that will emotionally connect with your target audience and validate you in their eyes.

Below are some examples of Tech companies that have successfully Positioned themselves on the market as thought leaders.

1. CISCO: this brand Is positioned in the marketplace place as a “global networking leader and technology visionary of tomorrow. CISCO is an IT firm that is known for its production of computer networking tools, and its positioning as tech visionaries for the future shows the target market that they are futuristic and will continue to be in service for a long time.

2. LYFT: Lyft is a car service that is in a competitive market with Uber. ride-sharing options as opposed to the system of operations in Uber. Their positioning statement is “Your friend with a car”. This message speaks clearly to their target audience and evokes the right emotions, as people would rather ride side by side with a friend than with total strangers. With just a few clicks, they give their audience their desired results by pairing a person with their preferred driver.

3. PayPal: Is generally known as the front runner for easy and effective digital payments. It serves as an easier way to make and receive payments online.

Now let us find out what their brand positioning statement is and how it is helping them build customer loyalty and retain it. “everyone should have access to helpful and sustainable financial assistance that makes it easier”. With a promise like that, they are sure to leave a warm feeling in the hearts of their audience.

Now that you have seen the samples, do well to craft yours in line with them to enable your brand to stand tall among other competitors in your niche.

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