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How to come up with a business tagline.


Today we shall be talking about taglines and how you can create one that is just perfect for your business.

Taglines, how often have you come across them and how many times have they made you interested in a product or service.

Taglines are phrases often used to catch customers' attention and make a promise to your customers with words that are easy to remember.

A tagline is a sentence that carries your brand message and keeps it in the consciousness of your target audience.

Taglines tend to be used more for creating value association in your audience's mind. It is like this, ‘When I see these words, I get reminded of this brand/business.’ This is what a tagline does for you.

Taglines are meant to be creative and catchy, and coming up with one for your business can get quite tedious but it doesn't mean you shouldn't.

Like a case of coming up with over 50 taglines and, feeling like none of them will get you the results you desire, don't stop, keep figuring it out till you get the one.

What you need to keep in mind to avoid the stress of overthinking your business tagline, is to think of a simple yet memorable phrase that will describe your business promise to your ideal customers.

Taglines don’t need to be overdone, even three words can carry the message you wish to convene.

An example is the NIKE brand with the tagline ‘Just Do It’ which is simple yet straightforward. Although to a person who doesn’t understand the brand, it might not sound all too convincing or convey the right message because the words and the brand have not made a connection yet. But to its customers, it has an emotional connection.

The point I am making here is that for your tagline to work, there should be a clear understanding of what your brand offers and an emotional connection to it.

To note, you can place your business tagline on your packaging material after the brand name and logo, it can even go up on your websites and simple advertisement posts.

Why taglines.

Let’s say you have fliers with your brand name and logo on them, instead of having to write your brand promise, mission statement, and Vision on that flier you have the option of adding a nice, fun, and catchy tagline that contains all of these in the simplest version possible.

The purpose of a tagline is to make an emotional connection in the hearts of your audience and to create a visual in their minds every time they come across your product or service.

The main purpose of a business tagline is to grab customers' attention on the go. It serves as a medium to emphasize brand promise while cutting down on distracting terms and noise.

It is like setting up a huge banner in the middle of a busy expressway that says

‘ READ ME TO KNOW THIS’ as opposed to filling up the banner with words and words no one in a speeding car will take time to read.

As a business owner, you need a tagline to support your brand message, and stop people from guessing what you are about. Not just that, a good tagline will set you apart from other businesses in your niche the same way ‘JUST DO IT’ has set NIKE apart from brands like REEBOK.

But you need to be careful so you don’t over-promise on your tagline and along the line, you fail to keep up with your claims and this will surely hurt you especially when your customers have come to associate more with your tagline than even your brand name.

Let us now list the relevance of a tagline for your business so you can be clear on the subject matter.

i. It sets you apart in your niche.

ii. It brings clarity to your customers

iii. Easy to remember and draw up mental images in your customer’s mind.

iv. Increases association of value and promise to your business

v. Aids in marketing your products/services.

For these reasons, you need to get your team together and create the perfect tagline for your business and if you already have one that is not resonating with your audience, by all means, do sit with your team and redesign your tagline till you get a fit for your target audience.

Examples of brand taglines that stand out.

Taglines are short powerful phrases that have the power to create a deeper connection with your customers, both old and intending ones.

In this section, we will be looking at 8 brands and the taglines that have helped them retain the hearts of their audience.

1. APPLE with the tagline ‘Think Different’; this tagline first helped set them apart from IBM and was a reflection of their product positioning, challenging their audience to think outside the box.

2. BMW- ‘ The Ultimate Driving Machine is a tagline that is straight to the point and very relatable to its target audience, no wonder it gets the desired results.

3. MERCEDES-BENZ- ‘The Best Or Nothing, more than just being a car brand this tagline promises exclusivity perfect for their target audience.

4. PORSCHE- ‘There is no substitute’ this stands them out as a brand looking to dominate.

5. FORD MOTORS- ‘Go Further’

6. VISA – ‘ Everywhere you want to be’

7. CISCO SYSTEMS- ‘The Human Network’

8. SAMSUNG - ‘Inspire the World, Create the Future.

With these examples, it is easy to see what works best for taglines.

How to craft a great tagline using customer feedback

It's easy to get carried away by promises, but one way you can create a crafty tagline is by listening to what your audience is saying about your product or service.

Customer feedback will tell you what set of words will speak to their heart, and will be the most descriptive for your offer to them.

With this, you can draw up the perfect tagline. Just remember to keep it short, simple, and memorable.

Think of your brand value promise, and your audience's mind always. Let the phrase immediately tell them what value they will get when they use your products.

In the end, it is more about expressing your unique value to your audience in clear simple terms.

Characteristics of a good business tagline

A good business tagline has the following characteristics:

1. Easy to read

2. Memorable

3. Catchy and creative

4. Unique

5. Short and straight to the point

6. Highlights key benefit

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