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How to write a brand positioning statement- odd is good

How to write a brand positioning statement- odd is good

What does a brand positioning statement do? The weird answer is that it allows your company to be freakishly tall in a room filled with gnomes.

It is a sentence, a few lines that concisely define the purpose and value of a business.

A brand positioning statement organizes the key characteristics of a brand and transforms it in such a way that the brand becomes unique and different from other similar brands.

The first step to developing a brand positioning statement that sticks to your target’s mind is by keeping your customers in front as you draft out the statement. This will help you state clearly, what your brand does, who it is for, and what you stand for.

These key elements make your statement clear and precise.

So, if you are just getting started with building your brand or you are trying to upgrade it. Creating a brand positioning statement will work very well in your favor and quickly stand you out.

Why is it important to have a brand positioning statement?

As already stated, brand positioning statements are short and persuasive in the way they portray your brand's unique selling point.

A good positioning statement has to contain these points clearly if it wishes to be of value to those in its target market. It has to state clearly; what category of business you operate in, who will from that business in the long run, and how you plan on maximizing that benefit for every user.

If this is done well enough, you can be sure that the results it will bring in will largely influence your business growth and output.

A strong brand positioning statement can:

Appeal to ideal customers

Set a standard for your brand relevance

Create loyalty overtime

Make more money!

A positioning statement is an important piece of your marketing and branding strategy. It communicates what makes your brand distinct from the rest and this can increase your likability in the marketplace.

With a clear positioning statement, you get to push away anyone that won't be beneficial to your brand and embrace only those who appreciate what you stand for.

Just like in the Avengers: Endgame, they had one goal... Defeat Thanos. All their plans and activities were focused on helping them to defeat him.

With a well-defined positioning statement, your marketing efforts will be more focused and less all over the place even business decisions will be made more efficiently since the purpose is clear.

How do you write a brand positioning statement

The first step to writing an awesome positioning statement is to never leave your target market guessing what you are offering or the benefits they will be getting from you this will leave you with no paying customers.

This is similar to setting up a physical store without a sign telling your customers what you sell and why they should get it from you.

Next is to use words that can help you set a clear difference when you write your statement. Speak to a shared value between your audience and you, or the pain points you solve for them, words like (Only, Personal, best, etc.).

Since you are already clear on your who, what, and how, you need to find a way to fit it into one statement/sentence. Have one clear audience, highlight your most relevant benefit, and creatively write your differentiation point.

For example: For business owners who need content to market themselves properly online, our service offers them a stress-free system that will create multiple content types for them, unlike other basic packages you get, our service offer's you more content in various forms than what you can get elsewhere. Keep your tone firm yet welcoming to effectively pass the message but if you already have a brand tone, by all means, use that, and stay in line with your brand message.

Tips For Creating A Powerful Brand Positioning Statement

We have already learned how to write brand positioning statements. These tips should help fine-tune whatever brand positioning statements you come up with.

Have a clear picture in mind of what you expect the statement to do.

Refer back to your brand values and communicate them in the statement.

Look at what others in your niche have written. This will prevent you from crafting the same statement but rather improve on what is missing, this will give you a competitive advantage.

Write a few different statements to compare and contrast which is best for your brand representation.

Seek out your team's opinion as you try to create a positioning statement that is in line with what your teammates understand as your brand’s vision and purpose.

Don’t overdo the grammar. Keep it as simple as possible, keep in mind that you are not trying to impress, but rather you are trying to communicate your value to your target audience.

Be Empathic. Let the words you use possess some empathy as this will make you more relatable to your target market.

With these tips, you are well on your way to crafting a powerful positioning statement that will give you the results you require.

Most importantly, let your brand genuineness shine through the statement!

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