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Tagline for tech companies

What is a tagline?

Taglines simply put, are phrases or one-line sentences that carry a company’s message in a catchy and entertaining way that sticks to the mind of its customers.

This simple phrase is meant to convey the company’s promise, value proposition, and mission.

The aim is to create a relatable picture in the mind of the customers so that the company stays top of mind always.

Just like every brand or company out there, a tagline for a Tech company is meant to always evoke an emotional connection in every instance.

Being a Tech company does not mean you can’t find ways to connect with your customers, because they are humans first and most times, they are ruled by emotions hence the need to create an emotional connection with them.

Yes, understandably you have made your company vision and mission statement clear, you have also shared your brand positioning statement but all these can’t be remembered on the go, you will need something easy, short, and memorable that they can around in their minds, not long winding sentences that won't last an hour on their minds.

And if you are still in doubt, run a google search on top tech companies with catchy taglines and you will see a list of top brands such as Microsoft, Sony, Amazon, and Meta with creative and easy to remember catchphrases. This goes to show that even the top brands understand the power of taglines, the way they add uniqueness to a company, and how this helps the company to stand out.

Reasons to craft a tagline for your tech company.

Whatever solutions your tech company offers, at least 5 other companies are selling that same solution. These companies are all vying for the attention of the same audience, which means you have to always have an extra edge over them in the marketplace and you can achieve this through your chosen tagline. If you manage to stay top of your target audience's mind with your tagline, then surely when they face the pain points you have a solution for, they will automatically remember you.

Do you also realize that when your customers come to know your brand tagline, they begin to like and trust you because to them you have set yourself apart by being transparent and committed to delivering on a promise?

With a tagline, you are holding yourself accountable before them and this will help develop an effective brand association.

In a world where communities bond over shared values and slang, imagine having a loyal community that knows your company’s tagline by heart and chants it to each other at every opportunity. This will mean more visibility for you and higher market returns and just like the popular brands, the more times you are remembered, the more your value is communicated.

So far, we have established the role taglines play in a company, and how much they can improve the marketing strategy of the company.

We have also proven that tech companies are not left out in using taglines as profitable means of brand awareness and visibility. This indicates that you can also use taglines to boost your place in the marketplace.

Steps to creating a memorable tagline.

We have helped you understand the importance of a tagline, here are some practical steps you need to create a tagline that will build an emotional connection with your audience.

The first step is to think like your target audience:

When you position your mind to think like your audience, you will easily realize the words that stand out whenever they think about your company. It will also help you understand what they expect from you. This will help you know exactly what benefits to highlight, and how you can string certain words that will evoke your desired emotion.

An example of a company tagline that is very customer-centric is that of Amazon – ‘work hard, have fun, make history with only these easy to remember words, they have communicated their work ethics, value offer, and vision.

Step 2: Define the goals you aim to achieve with your Tagline.

Don’t go creating a tagline because other companies are doing it, you have to be very intentional with choosing the words that will define your tagline.

Having a clear goal will declutter the numerous phrases your mind will come up with and narrow down your options and in the end, you will be able to choose only the words that won't offend your end users but rather make them feel closer to you.

Step 3: Create a lot at first then sift through them.

Even if you are clear with your goals, you will need to generate different taglines, after which you can now trim them down to the top 10. From these top 10, you can sit with your team and deliberate on the most effective tagline for your company. If you can say it in fewer words then do so, keep in mind that you are not writing an essay, so use fewer articles, cut down wordiness and use basic grammar to pass your message.

Step 4: study your competitors:

You are not alone in carrying out market research and the methodologies will differ across different companies even when the result is supposed to be the same. If you were to take out time to study how your competitors' taglines were produced, it will give you more insights into what needs to be added or taken away from yours.

With these steps, you can be sure of creating an impactful tagline. But note your work doesn’t stop here.

After generating a tagline do well to put it in their faces all the time. Ensure that they are seeing it everywhere your company name or logo pops up in this way, they adapt to the tagline fast.

Another important tip is to use a tagline that will not become outdated in a few years, and even if it does you can recraft it in a way that will keep it fresh and relative.

Think of your audience first, and then think of the best way to simplify your company value offer when designing a unique tagline to help you effectively scale in the marketplace.

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